I tried the Estee Lauder makeup app for blind people

22nd February 2023
A flat lay photo of Estée Lauder products and the app.

I tried the Estée Lauder makeup app for blind people like me and this is what I thought.

Estée Lauder recently came out with a makeup app that uses AI assisted technology to help blind and visually impaired people do their makeup and I tested it out to see what I think.

Greetings Readers!

Estée Lauder recently came out with a new app to help visually impaired people be able to apply their makeup with an app that tells them if they’ve made any mistakes and where to correct them.

Growing up as a visually impaired person makeup was one of the most challenging battles I had to overcome.

The amount of tears and meltdowns that ensued after unsuccessful attempts to apply eyeshadow or foundation don’t bare thinking about.

So the fact that a brand has actually created a free app to enable people to get feedback and help when doing their makeup independently is honestly amazing.

Little Emily at the age of 13 would have found something like this so valuable, so I’m truly thrilled this app now exists.

Here are my thoughts:

How the app works and its features

This app uses AI-powered voice-enabled technology which maps out your face uses your camera to detect various areas of your face.

Estée Lauder have launched an AI-powered makeup app for visually impaired people.
A new free makeup assist app has been launched by Estée Lauder

The app works by checking your foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick after you apply each individual product to your face.

The app will then give you voice feedback and tell you if you’ve made any mistakes that need correcting and where the mistakes are for you to correct.

You can ask it to check it as many times as you need to and the app will always tell you when the makeup looks good.

To use this app you will need to use the front facing camera and ensure that you are using the camera in a well lit room.

You can change the talkback speed by going into the settings on the app if you want to increase the speak.

Some things to know

A photo of the app surrounded by Estée Lauder products in a flatly.
red The app is powered by AI technology

My thoughts after using it

The app is activated by your voice, you can ask it commands like “check my makeup”, “check my foundation” “check my eyeshadow”, “repeat” and so on.

Estée Lauder makeup products.
Estée Lauder have claimed that a shade matching feature is coming soon

When you use the app for the first time the app will give you quite a long series of instructions and details on how to use the app and what it can be used to do.

But after the initial use the app will introduce itself by asking if you would like your makeup to be checked to witch you can say “start”.

The app gives you basic tips and advice on applying makeup which would be useful especially to someone just starting out in makeup and who doesn’t have a sighted person at home to help them.

After applying my foundation I asked the app to check my foundation and was surprised when it told me that I needed to correct the area around my eyes.

As I hadn’t applied concealer at this point I wasn’t surprised it determined that my under eye area was a different tone to the rest of my face.

After applying my concealer and some further blending I went back in and the app confirmed that my foundation “looked great”.

Always nice to have an app that gives you positive affirmations!

When it came to having the app check my eye makeup this is where my thoughts became a little more divided.

One the one hand it was able to tell me that the outer lid shade was darker on the left than it was on the right which I did appreciate as my blindness in my right eye makes it harder to check eye makeup on this eye.

However, I personally felt that the app didn’t give me enough corrective techniques to be able to know how to correct it.

But let’s not forget, there are many different eye makeup looks whether its a smokey eye, a cut crease, makeup for different eye shades.

Point being I feel that the app could expand to include the option to create different types of eye makeup looks.

However, the app still worked well for me, although it does advice that you need to wear quite dark or high contract eye shadows for it to check them.

All in all, I do thing this is a good feature to start with, but I do think there’s room for improvement.

Finally and my personal favourite was the lip makeup check, I asked it to check my lipstick and it was able to tell me that I’d slightly overland my lips on the bottom which I do a lot and I was able to correct it easily.

My mum who normally needs to correct my lips if I wear darker colours said that my lipstick looked noticeably better after using the app.

So this was hands down a winner for me.

Things I’d like to see improved

Estée Lauder revitalising cream
The app currently allows you to check, lipstick, eyeshadow, and foundation.
Watch my video demonstrating the app

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think the app is off to a good start and as a visually impaired person it’s wonderful to see an app created to make life easier for visually impaired people who want to do makeup.

Honestly, it shows me they are a company that care and they have made me feel seen, validated and like I matter to them.

I’m so delighted that Estée Lauder worked to make this app and I hope that the app continues to expand and improve to incorporate new features over time.

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Disclaimer: This blog post contains gifted products.

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